Hi! So Glad, You're Here.

Hi, it's Brice I appreciate you checking out my blog.  I started sharing my thoughts on habits and continuous improvement this year when I launched the Brice Hogan Project May of 2022.

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Why Readers Visit My Blog

I started this blog in May of 2022 because  I was stuck.  I didn't feel I was progressing I felt my career was not giving me the creativity and interest I wanted.  I knew I could be a better husband.  Then in the fall of 2021 I came across a talk called One Percent Better which led me to read the James Clear book Atomic Habits.

I decided I wanted to change and make a difference in other people's lives to devote myself to learning all I could about habits, productivity, and continuous improvement.  That is when I decided to launch this blog the Brice Hogan Project

This blog is an extension of things I am learning daily.  I have committed to sharing what I learn in the hopes that it can make an impact on anyone that reads this in a positive way.

My writing focuses on these areas

1. Habits  - How can make our lives better through consistent habits?

2. Business - How can we make what we do our passion?

3. Learning - How can we continuously improve everyday through active learning?

Where do I get my insights and ideas from? One of the things I committed to changing was becoming a better learner which means I read every day.  I listen to a number of podcasts (check out my podcast list) and I search documentaries, TED talks and other inspirational content.

If you want to learn from the best, go straight to the source, read their books and study what has been written about them.

Tips on how to improve and love what you do every  Thursday

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