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1000 Ways of Encouragement

If we want things to get better it helps to encourage others not tear them down.

There is high value in our society to be cynical, mean, and demeaning to others when

there is no room for that behavior.

A few weeks ago I experienced that firsthand after going through a little bit of

an emotional challenge with work.

The person reached out maybe with the best intentions to try to make me feel better

and instead used it as a way to highlight everything I was doing wrong.

Big downer for me.

The point is we just don't know what people are going through, we have our own

crosses to bear.

For others, their challenges may be easier to deal with but maybe it's more difficult for you.

So what is the answer?


There are thousands of ways to encourage others and sometimes its

simply just reaching out and saying I hope you're doing ok is there anything I can do?

It's a small act that can immediately change things around for us.



When have you experienced something negative and how did you respond?

How can you respond with encouragement and kindness?



Encouragement is a way to lead and it's also a way to uplift others in helping them accomplish the goals they have.

Take some time this week to find a friend, a colleague, or even a stranger who needs a little encouragement and reach out. If you do, journal or write down how the experience went and

how it made you feel.



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