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3 Time Management Tips That Actually Work

James Clear is one of my favorite authors and he recently shared something I felt I needed to share.

3 Time Management Tips That Actually Work. Because we are all trying to be a little more productive.

Eliminate half-work at all costs

This simply means focusing on the project at hand, getting rid of distractions, and get done what needs to be done.

Do the most important thing first

Focus on the most important task, to begin with that way if distractions do come up the most important thing is done in the beginning.

Reduce the scope but stick with the schedule

In my view, it's better to stick with a schedule even if it means doing less of something.

In building a habit or achieving a goal it's more important to get in a little every day than miss because what we were trying to accomplish was too big.

" Finish something today even if the scope is smaller than you anticipated." - James Clear



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