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5 Ways To Feel Less Impatient

I struggle with impatience. I want my blog to blow up (in a good way). I want

to be in better shape and a host of a number of different things.

But impatience is baked into our DNA, but if we are able to be patient things

will flow a little better so here are a few things I try to do to reduce the anxiety

of waiting for something.

1. Be Grateful - Focusing on what you have than what don't can reduce the anxiety

of impatience.

2. Break things down into smaller pieces - It's easier to focus on the small things

that help you progress.

3. Practice something relaxing - meditation, a walk, yoga do something that

relaxes you.

4. Be realistic about your expectations - It's easy to get frustrated if you have unrealistic

expectations, so don't.

5. Be mindful - focus on what you do in the present. It's easy to look into the future and feel overwhelmed but when you focus on the now it's easier to feel less impatient.

With most things, there is no one way to do it but I think if you combine a few of these ideas

they might just help you feel a little less impatient.



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