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A Personalized Time Machine

Have you done any time traveling lately? I'm not talking about taking a Dalorian to 1954, a Hot Tub Time Machine, or the contraption from Avengers. No, I'm talking about keeping a journal. You may think well that's kind of old-fashioned. It's NOT!

If you want to fix mistakes or improve who you are the best time machine you have is keeping a personal journal. You can call it a Gratitude Journal or whatever you want to call it journal. Whether you keep it, day in and day out, or writing occasionally it's the best time machine.

One of the exercises I have found to keep a consistent journal is Morning Thoughts by Julia Cameron and the exercise is really simple. Here are a few benefits:

  • Help clear your mind

  • Discover your creativity

  • Silence your inner critic

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Generate ideas

  • You learn how to write

But first and foremost it's a good way to unload all the thoughts you have and to get them down on paper.

Here is the quick approach I have to do morning thoughts.

  1. Have a clean desk or space to write

  2. Pick out a journal to write in

  3. Write 1-3 pages of thoughts

  4. Spend about 5-10 minutes

  5. Review it at night or the next day

The point of keeping a journal is it allows you to travel back a day, or a year to see who you were and what you are becoming.

A journal is a journey, you are an explorer whose every step is an advance into a new land its also a journey into the past to catch a glimpse of a different person who you've become and whose story matters.

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