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Practice and Particles

A little over a month ago in a small town east of California history was made

when the National Ignition Laboratory was able to successfully create a fusion


Imagine that smashing particles so fast that it fuses together atoms and releases

more energy than is put in. Pretty impressive. It lasted a billionth of a second,

but it happened.

Once the impossible happens it opens the floodgates to what's possible.

How many people doubted that we could fly, go to the moon, or

could unlock the secrets of the universe.

It took 60 years to accomplish this particle of a feat. It may seem small and

insignificant now but it could have massive repercussions for the future.

How much practice/repetition did it take to replicate that one thing? How

much time and training from the entire group of scientists to get to that point?


Practice is key. The repetition is key. Without either, it's difficult to make progress

with anything in life.

Practice could be getting up early and reading a good book. It could be going to

the gym. The practice of bettering oneself is the key to unlocking a particle of

achieving the impossible.

What does the impossible look like to you and what are you doing to accomplish it?



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