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Be In The Present

Keep your feet firmly planted in the present its the only way to affect

your future. When you make the present your priority you make your

future a certainty.

Ever get caught looking ahead too far into the future or diving too deep into the past?

Both can cause a decent amount of anxiety. I'm certainly very well of the tug and pull

of both when it comes to my professional and personal life.

Past: Am I doing enough for my family? Do I have enough money saved up if we have

an emergency and the list of questions goes on.

It can be paralyzing for sure. You can spin out of control and induce a panic attack

by the overload of "What if" or "I should have" questions, you can come up with.

Dwelling on either can be pretty dangerous and damaging. Because when we tie ourselves

to our past or future our feelings of inadequacy can be amplified. You've probably experienced

it at some point in your life.

You can take control of both the past and future by being rooted in the present. The past is always

laid by what you do now, and the future will be paved by what you do today.

Here is a really easy question if you want to control both:

What do I want to accomplish today that will have a positive impact on both my

past and future?

The answer to this question will also depend on your priorities. So have some sense of what is important to you and what will have the greatest ROI with the time you have.

Remember "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift...that's why they call it the present." (1)


  1. Master Shifu - Kung Fu Panda it is really one of my favorite quotes.



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