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Connective Tissue of Failure

One of my favorite quotes from Winston Churchill is this,

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm"

Imagine that, having failure after failure, trial after trial, challenge after challenge and still

be able to get back up dust yourself off and try again.

With enthusiasm.

That really is success. Because I know that after a failure or after a difficult challenging

a period in my life it can be difficult to get back on track.

You can feel derailed after looking for a job for an extended amount of time and want

to give up.

Maybe its getting back into shape and every day you get to the gym or go on a run

you get on the scale and your heart sinks

There are a host of issues we can run into that can sidetrack us.

The question is how can we connect failures so we can create enthusiasm.

For me, it's finding what makes me happy and what is easy to do.

What I mean by easy to do is don't try to tackle everything all at once focus on

small meaningful steps first and do those consistently.

In turn by doing what is easier will make you happier, its the difference between

trying to get back into shape in a week and burning yourself out to doing somethign

small every day that over time will get the results you want.

You will go through challenges and failures but you will accumulate from those

insights, skills, and learning that will eventually move you forward.

In most cases it's a matter of time.



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