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Creating Magic

My plan each week is to post something every Monday and Thursday and yesterday I failed to post something. So in the vain of using the Seinfeld Strategy (if you are not familiar with it click here to read about it.) I am going to get back on the horse today and post something I learned this morning.

My Routine

I have a routine, I wake up most mornings around 4:30 and I get to go to the gym. I say "get to" because I really enjoy what it does for my mind and body. I feel my mind is more dialed in and my body is much stronger, and my self-image is much better.

But getting back to the routine, I jump on the bike and I start riding as I'm riding I explore YouTube or Podcasts to listen to or watch something that catches my eye and I come across Christina Tosi this morning.


Christina is the CEO of Milk Bar, but scrolling through my Youtube feed I didn't know that. I was just looking for something new and she was new. Her TED talk was about Creating Magic.

So, I'm thinking to myself she is going to share some fun stories about magic tricks and she did, sort of. Except it wasn't stories about pulling rabbits out of hats or mind-bending illusions it was much more powerful.

It was about creating. Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary and that REAL magic is a spark, the spark of creativity. It's a moment in each of us that we decide to do something impossible.

Albert Einstien said, "If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it"

The spark for Christina was a bag of melting sugar babies and cereal milk. I'm sure looking back at that moment a lot of people would have said, "There is no way to start a business from that" that sounds crazy. Despite how absurd it may sound Christina did it. She created something out of the ordinary and Milk Bar is all over the country.

What's your spark?

All of us have a spark, it's our own unique way we view the world. Using that spark is what can change the world. If you light a match and don't light something with it, it just burns out. The spark is an act, it is a conscious decision to do something.

Sometimes it may feel that what you do may not have an impact. "After all it is just me in a very big world", but doing small things adds up. Creating magic every day can have a compounding effect till you find yourself in the position of changing the world.

What I Learned

What I learned from watching Christina is that magic is taking something we might think very ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary and never limiting what we think our potential is.



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