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Cumulative Habits

Do you improve in a straight line?


No one does.

In fact, it can be very inconsistent to develop a habit. Some say that being inconsistent is a bad thing. I beg to differ. I think being inconsistent at the start of developing a new habit is a good sign.

It shows you're trying. We are not robots you can just program us and then we automatically have great gym habits or financial habits. We have to get out of the way of our emotions and the environment we are in. It's that simple.

With habits and routines. You can start and stop, and start and stop, but as long as the trajectory you are on is positive you'll eventually accomplish the goal you have.

So stop dwelling on if you miss a day or a week at the gym, or don't put enough in savings it's ok

The key is to start where you are and you'll be happier

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