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Do Your Best

I have a friend of mine who works for a successful tech company but he was not feeling

successful he really didn't like his work and he was "quiet quitting" more or less.

He then had an epiphany. Where he realized he was doing more harm than good,

and it was affecting his attitude and work ethic.

So he decided to Do His Best.

There is no downside to doing your best even in an impossible situation, in fact

it can open up opportunities you never knew were there.

Throughout history many were just doing their best to solve a problem they

had in life.

The Wright brothers did their best to understand flight and changed the world.

Tony Maglica did his best to make flashlights better and in the process created

the most reliable flashlight ever made the Maglight.

So many inventors, business magnates, politicians, and leaders who simply did their

best ended up changing the world.



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