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Can You Do 100 Pushups?

Your first response may be NO! A big fat No! Why would you want

to torture yourself in the first place?

I started toying around with this type of torture last year. Except I

did not start with 100 pushups.

I began with something much smaller so I could handle 10 pushups.

That's it. I started with 10 and found myself able to do 20 pretty comfortably.

Then every week I would add 10 more. So after the first week, I went to 30

and just did 30 that was it. For 7 days I would focus on 30.

Then it was 40. Forty was still tough but I was slowly expanding my ability

to do forty in a row.

After 40 came 50 and you want to feel some burn. Fifty burned but I did it for

7 days straight.

Sixty was next and as I hit 60 I began to notice a little change that my body

could take the stress of doing more.

Little by little week by week I continued to add just 10. Ten extra pushups to

my routine I would do when I first got up in the morning.

I am now to the point where I can do 100 in a row. Again this is not about how

many pushups I can do. It's about doing the little things consistently.

It was just 10 extra pushups every week. For you, it may be just a few extra phone

calls to make that big sale. It could be connecting to 2 extra people that week and

you find your dream job.

It's typically the small and simple things that eventually you are able to achieve

what you want in life.

So, can you do 100 pushups?


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