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Failing Forward

Yesterday was not my best not day. You too, maybe having a "bad day." For me

I was feeling a little selfish and a little self-centered not who I usually am.

But here's the thing. I know I can do better. I can try again tomorrow and you can too.

I can be a little better, a little more considerate, a little kinder, more proactive and fail


Failing forward is recognizing you're not doing your best, but trying to do better if

you fail the first time.

A good analogy to failing forward is riding a bike. In order to move forward you

need balance and momentum. That keeps you up much like in life.

However, have you noticed if you crash on a bike you typically fall forward? You might

stay on the ground for a few minutes, but you eventually climb back on and ride away.

That's failing forward. Tomorrow is a new day it simply needs to be recognized as

another day we get to Fail Forward.



Hello, My name is Brice. I am glad you're here.  I am excited to share with you all the things I'm learning and writing.  I am on a journey to share what I learn with you and in some small way give back so you can share with others  There are a few resources on this website that can help you accomplish that.

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