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The Amazingly Ordinary Rule of Imperfect Starts

When we have a goal, whether it starting a business, or losing weight, for me it was starting this site, there is a lot of excitement because you start thinking of what could be.

We start looking around at all the successful people who have systems in place and they make it look incredibly easy and there is nothing wrong with trying to learn from them.

But we run into a problem, they are years ahead of where we are, and we compare the success they have to ours at the beginning. They also have more resources and tools than we do.

In the beginning, all we have is passion and creativity and that is it.

Instead of focusing on what is optimal start with, start with the basics of what you need.

What is Best is not what we need

One of the biggest traps we run into is comparing ourselves to someone who has "made it." We feel like we don't have the resources to be successful. If you look at their resources it can be easy to say to yourself, I need to learn something new or I need the best new gear.

When you already have things that you can start with.

Here are some examples

Working out. It's easy to think that to get in shape we need a new gym membership or we need to go buy a whole bunch of fancy new gear, after all, if it's new it's better right? Wrong. Its easy to start with some pushup bars or a few inexpensive ]weights. For years I did P90X in my basement I think the overall cost was $100 for the videos some equipment, and gear. It worked great!

Starting a Website. This was another situation where I went back and forth for months trying to decide do I need this element or design. I came to the conclusion it was better to just start and figure it out as I go and I have never been happier.

The idea that it has to be perfect when we start something is ridiculous. You could spend years saying that and never get anywhere.

The Ordinary Rule of starting

Here it is, you don't have to have everything lined up to start.

If you want to be a blogger, start with a small inexpensive blog and start writing

If you want to start working out, start with 10 push-ups.

Want to grow a garden plant a seed.

We over-complicate things by thinking too far into the future or thinking someone has done better than we have. The fact is they started where you are starting.

Like Jordan Peterson said, "It's better to start something badly than not to do it all." No truer words

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