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Getting it "Right"

When it comes to getting things right I realize there is a hierarchy.

From small things to large things.

What is interesting is you can do most small things exactly right, but the bigger and more

complex the thing becomes the harder and harder it is to get right.

If I get up in the morning and I go to the gym I can perform a rep perfectly and do it

exactly the way it should be done.

As you move up the hierarchy of getting things right, it becomes a little trickier

there is a little more slippage and things don't quite go as planned.

It could be a work thing where your project doesn't quit go as planned but it still worked.

It could be a vacation you take with your family it didn't quite work out the way you thought

it would but it was still fun.

Relationships are the trickiest and the most difficult to get right. You can look back and

ask all the doubt-filled questions. Well, what if I did this instead of that? What if

did this with my kids... I could have treated my spouse better...

The irony about any of these things is you will never get it exactly right, and

that really is the point. Getting it "Right" is somewhat of a myth.



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