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Focus on Your System and Not the Result


I was recently reading about goals and systems. Goals are often set so we can achieve something that is important to us. One of my goals is to be a writer, write a book, and start a company Goals are the light at the end of the tunnel.

The problem with them is we can get so wrapped up in our goals we fail to start moving toward them. The other issue with goals is they are temporary. If I train to run a marathon and run and win a marathon it's easy to say I did it and be done.

The drive to win is gone because you achieved the goal the passion is lost what are you going to do now that is a good question.

Having a goal and not achieving it has an even bigger effect because you then feel that you can't accomplish it so you might as well quit.

There have been many times in my process of improvement that I have wanted to quit. It would be easy to but is the goal really to make money or become a world renown writer? No, for me it's to get better at writing and sharing what I love.

What really moves us forward is a system. It's kind of crazy that a collection of little habits can be fashioned into a system that propels us forward.

If you focus on the habits part that, is the real key to any system. Without a routine, it is very difficult to make something automatic and that is why habits are so important they take something we want to do and turn it into an automatic process something we don't have to think about very much.

At night you probably brush your teeth, take a shower, and get cleaned up. That is a system for keeping you healthy.

If you want a system to become successful at starting a company. You need a why, a way to bring the product to market, and a marketing or sales system to make it wanted by the public.

If you want better health, a good system is, eating healthy every day, going to the gym, taking walks, and positive self-talk. With a system like this, you can get stronger and healthier for a very long time.

Those goals of better health and being a successful entrepreneur come down to the systems that need to be in place in order to see the results. Its more about focusing on what needs to be done every day, rather than what will I be in 5 Years.

If you focus on the day-to-day in 5 years will become that object of that focus.


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