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Every Habit Should Have a Home

They should. It's easy to get distracted in our technology-driven world.

And so does our ability to develop good habits.

One of the myths is you need willpower or "self-discipline" to overcome

bad habits and start good ones.

Willpower only gets you so far, and if you have a habit of eating

junk food it doesn't help if it's left out on the counter.

Willpower may hold a craving off for a little while until you give in.

I'm certainly not immune to those temptations, but when you put your habit

in the right place and give it a home it's much easier to do.

For example, I work from home and my office can easily turn into an

entertainment room if I'm not careful.

Bedrooms are notorious bad habit traps. Lying in bed scrolling for hours

or binging Netflix. Bedrooms should be only used for two things: sleeping and sex.

Notice the pattern here? We associate certain habits with certain places

in our homes.

If you want to make it easier to work in your office, remove things

that will distract you from work.

If you want to make it easier to eat healthy, remove the bad stuff and make

it easier to access healthy stuff.

If you want to make it easier to be entertained use the family room

or game room.

Screens. Don't get me started on screens.

We can end up using our screens to do work, social media, gaming all sorts of


It's better to use a screen for a specific reason. A laptop for work. Tablet for social media

Phone a phone (what a novel idea!)

To foster the right habit it's all about how you shape the environment and

the room you are in.

So give your habit the right room to live and you will see how effective habits will thrive and

less-effective ones will get choked out.



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