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How to Avoid the Trap of Half-Work

We are always looking to improve the way we manage our time. There are hundreds of books

written on the subject because time in many cases is our most valuable commodity.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and how do we effectively use it, that

is the magic question.

There is no one magic bullet to making time management easier, but there is one way

that you can make it more focused.

The Trap Of Half-Work

Every day we are constantly bombarded by information, it's difficult to focus on the task at hand

it's pretty easy to get distracted, between texts, emails, and social media channels.

I would even suggest that it's difficult to fully engage in a task and get it done to completion

because of how much information is constantly thrown our way.

That is what Half-Work is, not being able to complete something because your distracted

by an unimportant thing.

There is nothing more frustrating than having the intention of getting something done only

to end up with less than half of it.

It seems to me there are two things that can help you avoid the Half-Work Trap

  1. Stick to a Schedule

  2. Eliminate the distractions.

Set aside time in your where you know you can dedicate time for that task to

happen and get it done.

Then shut down anything and everything that can distract you. If that is needing to

close your email down, put your phone in the other room, then do it.

The key is to get rid of the distraction

Think about how much more you can achieve if you focused on doing the work

that needed to get done and eliminate the wandering that happens when you

get distracted.

There are thousands of time management apps and books, but the most effective

time management principles are simple and the most powerful and it goes back to

  1. Schedule time to focus on the work

  2. Eliminate the distractions

When it comes to living a happier and more productive life following these seems to

work the best.



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