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Podcast of the Week #2

A Bit of Optimism with Simon Sinek Episode #68 Embracing the Fall with Carla Hall

I had so much fun listening to this podcast. Simon Sinek is a legend in my opinion his Ted Talk Start with Why is a must-watch. Carla Hall if you have not seen her is an amazing chef, author, and all-around amazing person.

Carla was first on Top Chef and then her career has morphed over the years and she really is a fun person to listen to.

The subject of failing came up in this episode and it can be difficult to talk about our failures. However, failures are not permanent nor are they fatal. That is what I really liked about this discussion they had.

Here was a quote from Simon during the interview.

"The word failure is the like the word cancer, however, there are mild treatable types and there is stage 4 liver cancer. Both are cancer but they are not the same thing.

The word failure is similar. Failure can be minor (falling) or it can be catastrophic. Failure (catastrophic) I like to avoid, I embrace falling because you can get back up."

Their discussion is fantastic and I hope you get something from it.


Here is the link Embracing the Fall with Carla Hall



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