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Podcast of the Week #4

The Tim Ferriss Show - Elan Lee, Working with Positive Constraints

I am going back to The Tim Ferriss well again because he gets so much from

his guests and it never feels like an interview.

It sounds like two best friends that are just chatting and finding some really

fun things to talk about.

Elan Lee (@elanlee) is the co-creator and chief executive officer of Exploding Kittens,

a leading gaming and entertainment company. Under his leadership, Exploding Kittens

has expanded its portfolio to nearly 30 different games with more than 20 million

games sold in more than 50 countries since its founding in 2015.

My favorite part of the episode was when Elan described how he digs into a game

and how it can apply to our relationships in business and with friends and family.

Sit back listen and enjoy!

Here is the link The Power of Positive Constraints



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