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Progress Equals Success

Sometimes in the pursuit of what makes us happy, we can take detours

and it may feel that we are taking steps sideways or backward.

Sometimes we may not be feeling successful, but there is still progress, even if it's

small and frustratingly slow it is still progress.

Our view of success is often viewed from the lens of how others are doing

how much money they are making, how much fun it looks like they are

having on social media.

In reality, it often looks good, but it may not be filled with substance.

No, I think progress is success. You are successful when you move towards

what brings you happiness.



Hello, My name is Brice. I am glad you're here.  I am excited to share with you all the things I'm learning and writing.  I am on a journey to share what I learn with you and in some small way give back so you can share with others  There are a few resources on this website that can help you accomplish that.

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