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Why Questions are Better than Advice

Here is something interesting that caught my attention the other day about questions. We think of advice as something to be sought after but here is something to consider not all advice is applicable to you.

Even if it's from trusted friends or colleagues.

Advice can be quite rigid and inflexible.


Any time you get advice it's from someone who has had a different life experience or different view of the world than you.

It may not be radically different, but the way in which the person had that experience is going to be biased no matter how they relay that to you.

Whereas a question is more flexible and it always applies to your situation.

Think about a question like:

Question: What are you optimizing your life for?

This gives you more of a direction that is based on your current life trajectory not someones bias about what hey think you should do.


Advice: You should look into doing XYZ with your life because it has this XYZ benefit.

See the difference between advice and the question. The advice is relaying past information vs evaluating current information and how you should act.

Why are questions better than advice?

  • Questions guide and direct your actions in the future

  • Questions help you evaluate what you could do

  • Questions are present they make you think

  • Advice is always biased

  • Advice can be outdated

  • Advice is situational and not always applicable

So the next time you ask for advice think about asking a question instead.

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