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Something Simple, Something Small

Last week I was not feeling my best, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed

by a number of things. That feeling is caused by the "Weight of Living." (by the way

check out the song by Bastille here )

We all experience that pressure with the ups and downs of life.

You have two choices, under the "Weight of Living" crumble under the pressure

or find a way to thrive under it.

So I took a trip down memory lane to help me put things in perspective and

focus on what can be done instead of folding under that weight.

Here is what I found in something I wrote almost a year ago.

"Perfection is never possible and knowing how to bounce back from a bad or missed

day can make all the difference in the world.

  • Focus on showing up

  • Don't break the chain try to create something everyday

  • Track your progress

Don't put up a zero, try to do something even if its small and simple, the psychological

affect is huge and it adds one small win every day, and you will need small wins."

I realized the reason I was feeling overwhelmed was not focusing on the small and

simple things.

So I took Sunday to write down a few small and simple actions I could take to lift

some of the weight off and focus on those.

That seemed to work, I felt more motivated, hopeful, focused, and hopeful.

So the next time you feel the Weight of Living (feel lost or overwhelmed) zoom down

in on the daily actions you take and you will find that weight gets a little easier to




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