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The goal is not the end

The problem with achieving a goal is that is an event, not the end.

A lot of people peg their identity to a goal and when they achieve it they

suffer a letdown of sorts. Because their identity is tied up with what they wanted

to achieve it

It's easy to confuse the goal with the journey.

Goals are singular, it's an event, it happens, and then it's over.

A journey is a series of events that are much bigger than one thing.

Winning a marathon is an event, but the training up to it is the journey.

Your goal may have been to win the marathon but the journey is to become a runner.

Getting a promotion at work is an event, but the years of work before and after

are about becoming a better professional.

When we become overly invested in events, we think should define us, they

obscure the real value of the journey we should care about.



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