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The Real Purpose of Strategy

I like to listen to a lot of people who are smarter than me. So this morning

I was at the gym and I decided to pull up YouTube and up came Karen Dillon

on my feed.

Initially, I didn't recognize who Karen was. She starts out her talk explaining

she was the Editor of the Harvard Business Review, probably my favorite

business publication.

She explained that she was trying to get one more article into the magazine, and

had heard that Clayton Christensen, one of the preeminent business thinkers

of our time had given a master lecture that might be a good fit as an article.

She went down to his office and talked to him for a little over an hour and I'll let you watch

what she found out.

But here is something she said,

"Strategy in business or life is not set from on high it's executed by everyday decisions that

we make. Strategy is not what we say, but it has to do with resource allocation."

So put that in your noodle and think about that and then listen to the rest of her talk and see

what things she says you think could help you change your life.



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