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The Wrong Side of Cynicism

I'm tired of cynics. The same goes for the people who wake up on the wrong side of the bed every day. The ones that complain about everything and nothing. The ones that just seem to be emotional vampires sucking the happy life right out of you.

I get it it's easy to be cynical these days. Just look around global warming is going to flood the earth eventually, politicians have lost all civility and so have people in general. Wars and conflicts inside nations and inside families.

So like I said easy to be cynical these days.

However, I would prefer to be on the wrong side of cynicism.

I was reminded today of why I choose to be on the wrong side. There was a young lady I knew about 5 years ago whose family was spiraling, the father was a deadbeat, her mom had passed away from cancer, and she heading down the wrong path of life. I had a bit of a cynical view of where she was headed.

Fast forward 5 years. She walked into our church this morning a completely different person. She was smiling, well put together, and looked so happy. I have to admit I was a little surprised I thought her life would have turned out much worse.

The wrong side of cynicism is being optimistic. Cynicism is a prison cell of despair that locks you in a perpetual cycle of hopelessness. It's a choice but so is looking on the sunny side of life.

Being or becoming a cynic just leads to deadends, being optimistic opens up limitless possibilities. So the next time you feel your inner cynic coming on just look up at the possibilities.



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