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This to shall pass

Think about where you are in your life and all the moments you have had up

to this point and the many to come.

Here is something to think about

If you're feeling upset and angry, This Too Shall Pass

You're feeling on top of the world, This Too Shall Pass

If you are feeling sad and lonely, This Too Shall Pass

You're feeling happy and content with life, This Too Shall Pass

If you feel unsettled and unfulfilled, This Too Shall Pass

You're feeling confident and can take on anything, This Too Shall Pass

Here is the thing about life, time is the great equalizer. It puts into

perspective everything and if you are patient you will experience everything

a human being can experience.

And that is the key, It is the Human Experience, and that to Shall Pass.


This post was inspired by Tom Hanks from an actor's forum here is the link



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