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Train of Thought: Childlike Wonder, One Question, Traveling

by Brice Hogan

October 6, 2022 |

Hello Everyone,

Here is your weekly dose of thoughts, ideas, and other things. This is the stuff I have been thinking about and exploring this week.

Hope you enjoy this week's issue!

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Here is a Quote I'm Pondering

“The experience of duration is what counts in life not the number of experiences.”

- Korean Philospher -


Podcast I listened to:

Disrupt Yourself with Whitney Johnson Steve Young: Choose Selflessness in a Transactional World

This is a great podcast especially if you feel like you have a ton of anxiety and worry. Steve Young who's in the Hall of Fame, won a Super Bowl, and is a successful venture capitalist almost was not able to take the field because of crippling separation anxiety.

Sometimes it's easy to see the success of others and make the assumption that they have it all together, but most of the time people don't. Even the successful ones. We have to battle through our demons to come out on top.

Steve shares a story that changed his life when he decided that he would go see a doctor and tell him about his issue on the condition if he won the game that Sunday afternoon. You'll have to listen to see if he did.


What I watched recently

The Trick to Regaining Your Childlike Wonder | Zack King |

This TED is a great reminder that sometimes we take life a little too seriously. No, seriously. When is the last time you did something a little childish? I know I haven't recently which is why this talk was perfect for me and hopefully for you.

But here is some advice I found about wanting to be a little more childlike

1. Find an Expert

This does not mean go and hire a business consultant who's an expert at play psychology. Find a kid.

What's more fun than watching a kid pretend to be a dinosaur or be the captain of a pirate ship?

I have a nephew who's 5 and fully believes he's Spiderman and can do anything and pretty much can.

Look through a child's eyes and see if you can find that wonder.

2. Put your phone down

Just do it. It's the most distracting and unimaginative thing we do all day. If you are a scroll-aholic or can't survive without it you're wrong.

Plus when you put it away you find you have more time for new things, a few things like finding a new way to do something.

3. Go outside

I've got to do this better. I live in Utah which has amazing places to visit. Five beautiful National Parks, amazing trails, and other beautiful places to visit.

The point is when you get outside you begin to notice much more and don't just use what you see, notice what you hear, smell, touch, and even taste

4. Make it a game

When we were kids we were really good at this find a way to make what you do a game. It's more engaging and more fun.

5. Slow down

I have noticed if you slow down. It's much easier to appreciate things. I have tried to do that since I started this blog. Because I have slowed down I have been able to notice more things about what I learn. (You can check out my full list of What I've Learned here)

However, if you end up doing this make sure you have fun while you are.


What I read that made me think

Figure out your dream job by asking this question. by Neil Pasricha

I'm not going to spoil this for you. You need to read it to see what the question is. It may be a question you have asked before, it may be one you have never considered, but I think on the whole it's going to make you stop and think. It made me.


Person I'm interested in

Rolf Potts

I don't travel as much as I should, but I do know the powerful impact that travel has on exposing someone to different ideas, people, and places. That is why Rolf Potts stood out. I was listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast and Rolf had some amazing thoughts about how travel can really change your perspective in life.

Here are a few links so you can go and check out some of his stuff

The Vagabonds Way


Tim Ferriss Show

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