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Train of Thought: Find your why, mediocrity, & being exceptional

by Brice Hogan

June 23, 2022 |

Hi Everyone,

I read something this week that said, "The greatest sin is aspiring to mediocrity." I'm not sure it's the greatest sin, but wanting to be something more is very inspiring. To stop and think, and ask yourself, "Can I do better, can I be better." Hold that thought in your mind for a minute are you aspiring to be better in some way today?

It might be something small but are you taking little step to improve. We'll I hope some of things below will help or inspire you to be better this week.


What I Listened To

Andrew Huberman Lab: Improve Your Memory

This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to because there is so much I learn about neuro-science and a lot of practical tools that can be used. Understanding how our brain works and how to optimize it is what I am doing every week with this newsletter. If you can latch on to one thought or idea and get 1 percent better you're seeing the benefits.

Understand and Improve Your Memory Using Science-Based Tools


What I Watched

The Happy Secret to Better Work

Think for a minute if those we look at as exceptional/successful are not the outliers in our society. Instead, we focus on what makes everyone exceptional and not average and raise the bar That would change society as we know it, and this TED Talk nails that idea.

Road Runner

Roadrunner is a documentary about Anthony Bourdain's life. A chef turned world traveler and international star, but underneath all of the success, there was something that he could not find happiness. I like things that make you think, that force you to assess your life. This did that for me. If we think a little more often about the end of life the more we value what we have in our present.

Available on HBO Max


Something to Think About

I have been reading and listening to Tony Fadell this week who is the inventor of the iPod, iPhone, and Nest.

One thing to think about is how do people define theirs why. Whether it's a product or a change in life it has to start from the beginning. Why?

It can't be a what. What is just an appendage to why? So if you are starting a new venture in life or in business. Write a press release.

Writing a press release forces you to think through all of the whys how's what's etc... It brings more clarity to your process of change.

So if you are starting something new start by writing a personal "Press Release"

Tony Fadell Cleans Out his Garage


Interesting Article

This was a fun and informative article about how body parts get their names. The reason I chose this article is it features a critical part of the brain the hippocampus. Which means "Seahorse" in greek. The hippocampus is responsible for where memories are formed and is important to help us learn.

The Seahorse In Your Brain: Where Body Parts Got Their Names



Hello, My name is Brice. I am glad you're here.  I am excited to share with you all the things I'm learning and writing.  I am on a journey to share what I learn with you and in some small way give back so you can share with others  There are a few resources on this website that can help you accomplish that.

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