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Train of Thought: Taming Self-Doubt, Procrastination, Winning vs Succeeding

by Brice Hogan

June 30, 2022 |

Hello Everyone,

Here are a few things to think about this weekend.

When I put this newsletter together I always try to add things in that will be helpful for you as you navigate your lives. There are strategies and ideas in here that can help you at work, or in your personal life. This week I really focused on strategies like how to deal with procrastination, self-doubt, and what it means to succeed.

Success in our society is viewed as the external rewards, the money, and the titles we accumulate. Social Media in my opinion perpetuates the idea of image-driven happiness, when in fact a lot of people are not happy. So listen to Coach Wooden's video where he breaks down the rules of what real success looks like.

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Have a great 4th of July



What I Listened To

Idea Cast: 3 Strategies for Dealing with Procrastination

We are all prone to procrastinate. There are some situations where procrastination can be useful and others where it's not. So how do we deal with procrastination? Well in this ranging conversation with Psychologist Alice Boyes she points out 3 strategies for dealing with procrastination.

When I run into a situation where I could possibly procrastinate I do one of two things. If its day to day things I use the Two-Minute rule. I ask myself if this is going to take less than 2 minutes, and I do it straight away. If it is something that will take longer I schedule it so I know the time and place that I will do it. That is called intentional intent. You make a space for it to happen.

Dr. Joyce goes through a few other ways to help you deal with procrastination. One of the things she said and I really enjoyed was, "You can't stop procrastination it's more about identifying forms of procrastination that create problems for you." Stick that in the ol

3 Strategies for Dealing with Procrastination


What I Watched

The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding

It seems like tour society seems to put a lot of emphasis on winning. And success is something that goes along with money, titles, positions, etc.. More and more people during the Great Resignation are not quitting their jobs because they make more money or they just made VP. They are quitting because the definition of success and happiness is different.

The focus is more internally motivated. Recognition, creativity, and other values are a higher priority than money or more tangible things. Coach Wooden who is one of my favorite people has a great TED Talk which defines what success really is.


Something to Think About

One of the most devastating mindsets is self-doubt. How many times do we want to start something we feel is important and stop.

How many times in a meeting do we want to contribute to the conversation but we are afraid because we think our idea is dumb and we settle back in our chair comfortable to say nothing.

Why does this happen? Why do hesitate? If what we have is such a good idea shouldn't it be shared?

Our brains are actually wired to focus on potential or actual negative experiences because negative experiences and emotions are so strong they tend to stick with this longer.

It's called "negative bias" it's a setting in our brain that helps us to remember if bad things happen to stay away from those.

But when it affects our ability to start something that could be really cool, like a new business or job it can prevent us from reaching our potential. We are so focused on what could happen instead of what has happened.

That is where gratitude comes in. By expressing gratitude often it puts our brain in a more positive state of mind so when a negative thought or emotion comes up we can remember to look at how far we have come and build on those small victories.

Expressing Gratitude


Interesting Article

I find making checklists fun. I enjoy making little boxes and checking them off, the downside of checklists is you can have a mountain of items. But I found one article that was helpful in my research that had a few different approaches that might help you be more productive. Also, Click Here to check out my recent article on checklists.

4 To-do List Methods and What Worked



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