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What I Learned Lately (W.I.L.L) #52

We have a way of getting stuck in ruts and thinking about certain things in one way. The phrase "It's always been done this way" is maybe one of the most dangerous phrases out there.

It prevents us from change, it prevents us from meeting the changing needs we have personally or professionally.

In order to avoid that way of thinking ask yourself this question

What is something I always do that I can change today for the better?

Action: List 3 things that you do at work or in your personal life that you have always done and attempt to change them for the better.

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Hello, My name is Brice. I am glad you're here.  I am excited to share with you all the things I'm learning and writing.  I am on a journey to share what I learn with you and in some small way give back so you can share with others  There are a few resources on this website that can help you accomplish that.

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