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W.I.L.L stands for (What I Learned Lately)   Every day I write about something I learned from what I read, listened to, or watched. It's a way for me to remember what I'm learning and where can I improve.  Enjoy!


#93  We do not recognize the power for we good we have.  We are put in positions every day to positively influence someone for good.

#92  Lowering your expectations and making something easier creates clarity

#91  We cannot hope to succeed in life  without help


#90  The color of fun is sunshine

 #89  Leaders have only one thing followers.   There are many ways to gain followers through manipulation (fear or aspiration) but the most effective use is inspiration.

#87  Resilience is a key ingredient in success sometimes you have to push yourself to a limit when the resilience kicks in and a breakthrough happens.

#86  The most impactful thing you can do is give someone an idea.  When you do it changes you and the person who uses it.

#85  Optimizing now will leave you more prepared for exponential growth in the future.

#84  Excercise is a key.  A key to unlocking your full potential.  When your body is strong everything else flows from that strong body, strong mind, and strong life.


#83  Early mornings rock!  Waking up early creates movement, momentum, and energy that will help both your body and mind.

#82  The hallmark of a good habit is consistency.

#81 Learning is our greatest asset.  What we learn gives us the ability to progress through the knowledge we apply

#80 When you build a little momentum. stick with it at first progress seems slow but it builds to a crescendo.

#79 If we are to become our greater selves, we must come to know our weaknesses and master them.

#78 Frustration is simply the intersection of our expected progress against others. 


#77 Getting out of your routine can be a good thing, too rigid of a schedule does not allow you to see new opportunities.


#76  Struggle is one of the most fundamental forces we face.  It's the friction that happens every day inside our minds in the fight to accomplish the goals we have. 

#75  Judging ourselves to others is not a good habit.  We don't need to judge ourselves for where we are because we are exactly where we need to be.

#74  There will always be inconveniences in life, things that put you behind, but plan for these, be flexible, and have an alternative ready to go.

#73  Be positive in the face of setbacks dwelling on the negative only impedes your progress.

#72  There are going to be boom and bust cycles in your life you need to keep investing in yourself no matter what.

#71  In pursuing your passion be natural, focused, and enjoy what you're doing.  Focus on the 1 percent improvement and that path will be paved with experience and learning that will unlock your potential.

#70  The power in the stories we tell about our why is what captures people's attention it is the authenticity of who we are that will sell them on the need to connect

#69  There is nothing better than a good nap to re-energize your mind and body especially when  it started out as a 30-minute nap and turned into 3 hours

 #68  On the path of progress it's a good idea to pause look around and see how far you have come.  Nothing cures doubt more than perspective

#68  Treat anything that is worth doing like a marathon not a sprint, use a runners cadence that helps you keep pace so you don't burn out and  give up

#67  We defeat self-doubt by not thinking about what might happen, but by acting on what we can control right now.

#66  When designing a product focus on the pain and get a pain killer not a vitamin

#65  The reason your body wakes up in the morning is because you are warming up, the reason it goes to sleep is because its cooling down 1-3 degrees.

#64  Being a good father does not mean being a perfect father it means showing up and doing the best you can for your family and community

#63  Hating your job is never worth the raise, title, or promotions you go through

#62  Reading is the bedrock of everything.  Without books and without being able to read we doom our lives to unimaginative lingering

#61  A powerful tool in getting better is a to-do list. Make it simple, easy, and have the ability to physically check it off. 

#60  The 60:1 rule applies to how far a pilot is off when he is one degree off flying. It shows a small shift in direction in life can lead to a very meaningful change in destination.

#59  Sometimes all that matters is that you get something done, no matter how small, the persistence of that one small step can push you to greater things

#58 "Don't Settle" Settling usually results in a life that is not led to the fullest, be willing to explore and push yourself, and you will find the happiness you want. 

#57 Failure is a puzzle if you solve it you get a gem... that gem is a principle

#56  Minimalism is really a way to translate our excess into less which in return creates happiness

#55  If you can affect one life by something you do or say you will change the course of the world

#54  Improving is the consistent habit of doing something, no matter how small the improvement is

#53  In life the only competition we have is ourselves we measure our progress by how much we grow and not against someone else

#52  If someone says "That's the way it has always been done" then that may be an opportunity to change something in a big way.

#51  Creating magic is taking something we might think as very ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary and never limiting what we think our potential is.

#50  Look at a new subject like a seed.  When you listen or read about it, it creates curiosity that can branch off into many different directions.

#49  To become good at anything you must be willing to endure the boring stuff

#48  Be you, be true to yourself, don't try to be anyone else but you.

#47 Pay attention to words, they will often reveal the purpose in your life.  How you speak will tell people how you think.  

#46 In my opinion you can never be disappointed about not achieving a goal especially if you took the steps to try.

#45  Poems have an incredible personal impact as I learned recently.  They connect you with yourself if you pay attention to them and keep yourself open.

#44  Creating is one of the best activities you can engage in.  It allows you to use your imagination because you can create anywhere.

#43 One of the best places to do your thinking is in the shower, there are no distractions and you can give dedicated time to thoughts or ideas that come to your mind.

#42 Losing is giving up and failing to learn something.  Failing is trying, and not giving up by learning something useful you eventually use to try something new.

#41  Be patient with yourself you will never get to the moon by trying to jump as high as you can, it requires time effort, and building something that will get you there.

#40  Take time to celebrate people who you love.

#39  Figuring hard stuff out, like how to format a certain part of a website is so satisfying.

#38  To get feedback from people, follow their work, tell them why it's valuable, and what you learned, and then ask a single question they are more likely to help if you do

#37  Green Banna's and Yellow bananas.  A VC investor referred to companies like this where green bananas you are in it for the long term.  Yellow bananas are short returns.  Which one are you?

#36  Failure is not an adversary it is a friend

#35  Just write if you just write something doesn't matter what you will find yourself being inspired by things you have seen, heard, touched, or felt.  Write it down.

#34  The average age of the mission control unit during the trip to the moon was 21.  They didn't know enough to know that it was impossible and they did the impossible.

#33  If you have a bad day feel free to let it affect you and move on.  Don't pretend that you don't have those feelings acknowledge it and then move on.

#32  Waking up early and being at the gym clears your mind and opens up your receptivity

#31 We make  of life what we choose we have the capacity and know-how to make anything happen

#30  You should never resent getting old, its a privilege denied to many

#29  Doing our best is success in life 

#28  The meaning of life actually comes in the search for the meaning of life

#27  You need cheerleaders to help you succeed in life

#26  Engaging with people with like minds is a very rewarding thing

#25  Tommy Morello only took two guitar lessons as a kid and is known as one of the top influential guitarists every

#24  A simple way to disarm doubt is to do something every day that builds up who you want to be until you become that person

#23  When my son pulled weeds it made him beyond happy
#22  Go forward and find joy.

#21  A negative resume of the things you failed at and then found solutions to can be a great way to build your confidence.

#20  To borrow from Steve Jobs if you live life as if today was your last you would do things you would not believe you could do.

#19  In business leadership run to the fire its where you will prove that you can make a difference.

#18  Just because something is difficult and monotonous doesn't mean it's not worthwhile.

#17  My wife called me today excited she saw a falcon fly over her a car and she said she could see the fish it had caught.

#16  Best ever Mcdonald's cheeseburger I have ever had.  It's the simple things in life you enjoy.

#15  Act like or become as if you already are what you want to be.

#14  Gratitude softens hearts.

#13  Watching Japanese kids doing errands on a Japanese show is extremely cute.

#12 It's fun to see my nephew beat me at a game of lightning and how excited he was. 

#11  Momentum in life requires gratitude.

#10  Snowstorms in April in Utah are still really surprising even though they shouldn’t be.

#9  President Zelensky is an amazing human being and the courage he has is something different than most people do

#8  Watching little children act like animals is very entertaining.

#7  Ask your self are you loving enough?  

#6  Human creativity has no limits to what can be thought of.

#5  Loved seeing my wife full of joy while in an immersive art show.

#4  We are always an imposter when we start something new, it takes time and experience to become what we want to be.

#3  Sometimes you can give yourself pretty good advice if you listen.  What is the best advice you have given to yourself?

#2  My daughter has some fantastic friends and having good friends will take your very far in life.

#1  Remember the lottery, remember we have already won, we live the most fortunate lives of any on the planet.